Avid Swim

Avid Swim is an up and coming luxury swimwear brand made by a dear friend and former coworker of mine, Gionna Nicole. It embodies everything New York women are; Chic, Sexy and Sporty all in one bikini.

How could we build momentum for the new design collaboration that would be featured during NYFW SS'16? 

In prep for her new destination collaboration inspired by Caicos with Editor of MdollNYC, Martha Luna, we took viewers on an Instagram trip.

Content Strategy:

Travel: Engage viewers with imagery of sunny destinations and staycations alongside the proper bathing suit from Avid Swim.

Natural Habitat/Versatility: Show the woman in her natural habitat as she effortlessly uses bikinis in everyday outfits.

Building Blocks/Minimal: Through several small images, entice users to follow for the grand finale.

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