And so it begins...again

Dear (new) diary,

I have commitment issues.

I may have other blogs floating around in cyber space that I've left for new ones, but I promise to be good to you. I have so much to say. I always have. 

Especially on this topic. This happens to be about the past six years of my life that I've dedicated to a place that sometimes (all the time) feels like hell, yet I've continued to be faithful to. Ergo, my commitment issues. 

Why are we always committed to the things that aren't great to us? Maybe there's a glimmer of hope in dust, but this shit was actually quite entertaining despite me losing what little patience I had to begin with.

Follow me on this "blog" or whatever, for the stories that I will pull out of my ass (brain damage) to tell you ALL about the last six years of dedication to fashion, retail, friends, thieves, dust bunnies, and stories that you will only hear (read) from ME.