Before I get into the real stories, I wanted to do just one more cliff hanger. But this is relevant. This is about CUSTOMER SERVICE. And for once I will speak as the customer in this situation and juxtapose (the word of the year) that to the customer service I have given at my job.  

I don't know what the problem is these days. I don't know if people just don't like tending to me as a customer. I don't know if I remind them of the devil or something because they hardly look at me. I'm unsure if I resemble somebody that has done them wrong in their life, or if I'm just not the kind of person they wish to speak to but as soon as they're done with the person in front of me I can assure you that there is a complete attitude shift from how they treat the person before me vs. how they treat me. 

Soon, the smile is gone. They do not ask me how I'm doing, they barely say hello. They proceed to scan my items as if I'm not worthy of a second look. As if I'm ugly. HA! As if the items just magically appeared and an imaginary person is about to hand them money in exchange. I'm almost convinced they would've treated the imaginary person much better. Still not looking me in my face, they don't even tell me the total to my purchase. 

I say "they" because this has happened on multiple occasions at many different places. Sometimes employees don't even bag my merchandise when a bag is actually needed. What are you any good for? 

You guys need to understand something. I'm a HOT head. (Thanks baba.) If you can't tell already. When I feel disrespected by someone for no reason, my automatic reaction is to rip your ass apart. 

WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU?  AND WHAT THE FUCK DID I DO TO YOU? I JUST WALKED UP HERE LIKE EVERYBODY ELSE, NO DIFFERENT. I didn't slam my stuff on the counter, I didn't THROW MY CHANGE AT YOU, I'm merely EXISTING. These are things that people do to me ALL THE TIME and I still don't really change my attitude. I won't be as gracious but I'm still respectful. 

So let me tell you about YOURSELF CASHIER. YOU'RE A CASHIER IF YOU NEEDED A HEALTHY REMINDER. And you aren't even doing your JOB CORRECTLY. I can say so because I'VE BEEN ONE. And I've done it RIGHT. *plays drake: I'M NOT NEW TO THIS.* AS A MATTER OF FACT, I'm A RETIRED CASHIER who has seen it all. There have only been a few times where I've had the pleasure of defending myself from a customer and trust me, if you don't start none, WON'T BE NONE. I'm very easy going until you tip me off. Don't do it. It's not pretty. 

I've never once not asked someone how they were doing, never once not greeted anyone, never once not told the customer their total, never once started off on the wrong foot even if I had a bad day. Never once not bagged their items, THE HELL? I even listen to you guys talk shit about how much we suck and I'm STILL NICE TO YOU. I expect the same in return. Especially from grown ass women. You mad you're a cashier? WHO'S FAULT IS THAT? NOT MINE. So do your job sweetheart. DO YOUR JOB. 

To people who run the establishments, get your people in check. Make them like their job more. THAT'S YOUR JOB TOO. See, people need to do their JOB. 


Xxxxxxx's yo