Sally Hansen Salon Chrome Product Launch

Watch how we took new product innovation by storm with social media. 

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The Sally Hansen brand continues to live up to its creator. It is one of the most innovative nail brands on the market today. Sally Hansen is also one of the FIRST to bring to the mainstream market, a Salon Chrome kit, where women can create gorgeous chrome nails in the comfort of their own home. Prior to the release of Salon Chrome, Beamly and The Foundry found much data to support the need for an affordable product like this by uncovering consumers' thoughts and desires through surveying and social listening. 

Data and Research

Objective: Promote three gorgeous shades from Sally Hansen's new Salon Chrome Kit by creating content that shows how easy it is to get the chrome effect at homeCompliment the how-to-content with thumb-stopping digital lifestyle imagery.

Post Calibration test, we learned women were more inclined to purchase a product that was easy to use. This was a brand new product, and the content created needed to not only show the product in use, but make consumers feel like they could do it alone and fast. In addition to the calibration test, we created a persona survey to help us nail down the vibe for the content to be created. 

We surveyed women aged 18-44 in the US to gain insights around the "Chrome" persona for the next Salon Chrome photoshoot. 

We learned:

1. Women enjoy dressing in casual style.

2. Women prefer being at a friend's house. 

3. Women enjoy trying out daring nail looks for different occasions.

4. Women got most of their nail inspiration from Pinterest. 


Being all inclusive is the most important thing brands can do in this new era. In the beauty industry, it's all about showing shades on a variety of skin tones. Since the global team already had content for lighter skin tones, we opted for darker skin tones. Something else important to note, is that a lot of nail imagery looks posed and fake. We made sure ours came off a bit more natural and candid. Shoot also featured the trending minimal nail art and negative space manis. 

Lifestyle Imagery

We made sure to dress the set like a vanity, to emphasize "doing it at home". I styled the model in casual clothing. We also made super sure that our images looked minimal and gorgeous, like those on PInterest. :) 

Shades in order: Holographic, Peacock, and Rose Gold. Holographic was exclusively sold in Ulta. 

Product Shots

GIFS for How-To-Content

Actual video with step by step copy was not supported by Squarespace for viewing. 


  • Sally loved our assets, and used them in both organic and paid media campaigns, saying our how-to-content out performed their own global assets. (numbers to come)
  • Our shot of the Peacock nails can be seen here on US Weekly, a huge win for The Foundry team.
  • To tag on to that, Amazon also featured our content online along with global assets. 

All in all, very proud. Check out Sally Hansen's Instagram account where all of our GIFS and lifestyle content was featured.