Spike Lee is one of the biggest creative influences of all time, so it was no surprise that Moleskine wanted to partner with Spike in order to create a limited addition Moleskine inspired by one of the greatest films he's ever created: She's Gotta Have It.

The Strategy:
Spike Lee and Moleskine will use She's Gotta Have It to create a social experience surrounding the film and its inspiration to the indie film movement as well as how it inspired Spike's creative journey to his holy grail; 40 acres.

The Influencers:
To jump start the social experience, we had a number of different influencers post organic and relatable content about "What they've gotta have" as it relates to creativity.

Each video posted resulted in over thousands of views, likes and shares. All organic and non paid.

Social Executions:

Social Overlays were used during live events where Spike himself signed Moleskines for fans.

Data Analysis:
If the Moleskine being instantly sold out isn't convincing enough, here's some data that might help.

Check out #MoleskinexSpikeLee on Facebook and Instagram for all content.


Designer- Adrian Franks

Copywriters- Me, Shaton Winston