Richmond, VA is a small quirky town with a lot of personality and a lot to offer.
Hidden gems, secret spots, great food, culture and festivities, but there is no one source that congregates
this onto one platform for convenience.
We came up with The RVA App, a simple app anyone who already lives in Richmond and/or visitors coming to town can use to find out what's happening.
Locally tonight, tomorrow, the rest of the week, etc. 

The thing that makes this app special is that it embraces the locally owned places and culture of Richmond. No chains.
Go ahead and play around to see all the cool things this city has to offer.

Experience Designer- Britt Heit

Quick Pointers:

- Create a profile by logging in with your Facebook account.

-  Pick your preferences. Pick specific areas and activities you are interested in and a list will be curated for you.

- Make plans with friends since they will see what you are up to . 

- Save activities to your calendar.

- Get notifications about events later in the week!

- Local joints: submit info about events to let the world know what's up.